Monday, March 28, 2011

Kyle Richards pregnant?

the sidekick has caught a psychic glimpse into kyle's private life ... and it appears that kyle richards is pregnant again.  (ahem, that or the sidekick has inferred from an article on reality tea that kyle looks like she is showing off ultrasound pictures).  either way, looks like kyle has found a way to try to worm her way back into our hearts.

kyle, i tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.  but you are either really, really mentally challenged to be so unable to see through shana despite the mountains of evidence that she is an opportunistic fraud who happily sunk her teeth into kim's jugular ... or kyle is not that challenged, but instead was in cahoots with shana.  either way, are you bringing a baby on board to convince us to love you again?  we'll see how that goes...

as a helpful hint, i hear adrienne is soliciting godchildren.  you should totally hit her up.