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Movie: Botoxia

Plot Synopsis:
on a distant planet, an evil demon alien race has developed an advanced multimedia system allowing them to receive communications about the happenings on Earth.  for years, they have been studying our history - they have learned all the names of our world leaders, including the history of American presidents.  they are fascinated by hollywood.  and one little alien, Botoxia, from the wrong end of the crater, knows that the only shot she has of gaining fame, glory, and status on her home planet is to infiltrate hollywood and make a name for herself there.  and she'll do whatever it takes.

Botoxia travels to Earth and finds a body to snatch - the unfortunate high school cheerleader, Hanna Hues.  Botoxia affixes her tiny, clear, plastic-like alien body to Hanna's face, distorting it beyond recognition, before oozing her own brain through Hanna's eye sockets, thereby taking over and sucking the life force out of Hanna's brain - much the same way one might suck the sugar out of cotton candy.  Botoxia has a host!  Botoxia dabbles in some name changes before settling on a combination of former US presidential names. she then finds an assistant, Rassell Footstrong.  she promptly marries him and convinces him to get her to California by whatever means necessary.  Botoxia  kidnaps a baby, raises it as her own, and trades the little girl in for opportunities to socialize with LA's wealthiest and most powerful - the girl provides endless opportunities for party-throwing, photo shoots, and general attention-seeking behavior.  Finally, Botoxia lands herself a cable network show ... but can she make it through the season before someone guesses her true identity?

the longer that Botoxia occupies Hanna's body, the weaker and weaker Hanna's brain becomes.  soon, Botoxia will take over for good.  the alien goo brain slowly infects Hanna's neural tissue with botulism toxin, killing each neuron, one by one.  and if Hanna can make it to the end of the show season, she can return to her home planet victorious, leaving Hanna for dead.  can anyone stop her?  as Hanna's life ticks away, Botoxia realizes a threat.  Prim Poorards is onto her.  Prim can see when Botoxia's eyes glaze over in alien goo.  Prim knows something isn't right.

Prim fights to overcome the consternation of her castmates who insist aliens do not exist and because she thinks they do, she is obviously crazy.  they tear her down and tease and taunt her, pointing out her flaws as red herrings.  even her sister, Lyle, fails her miserably.  but Prim cannot in good conscience leave them to suffer for their blindness - she loves Lyle no matter what.  will Prim finally succeed in warning the others of the threat they are all facing?  or will Botoxia silence Prim until it is too late?

To find out, tune into Bravo on Tuesday, February 15th at 10pm for the debut of their made for tv movie.