Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Camille Grammer's Sidekick

 what really happened at Camille's dinner party?

Camille, Camille, Camille, what was with your "psychic"? your medium was obviously faking her gifts one way or the other: she could have truly had gifts but got everything wrong at the party because you conspired with her ahead of time and she got her lies mixed up ... or she had not gifts at all and got everything wrong at the party because you conspired with her ahead of time and she got her lies mixed up.  either way, what a failure of a production.

here's what my psychic abilities tell me happened:
Camille wanted to prove to the other ladies and to America that she was sweet and innocent and really had been attacked by her perceived bully, Kyle.  but what a dilemma - the cameras didn't catch the real conversation.  it is she said, she said.  so, to whom could Camille appeal to provide the definitive evidence that she was right and Kyle was wrong?  Camille decided to appeal to a "psychic."  enter self-important drunken train wreck with a cigarette.  now, Camille had a plan.  she would invite the ladies over for a dinner party.  the medium would be present, and she banked on the fact that the other ladies would find the medium to be an interesting topic of conversation.  she hoped the ladies would be interested and want to hear something about themselves.  Camille carefully instructed the medium to wait until Kyle asked before providing scathing information to Kyle.  there was a slight hiccup with the plan - Camille did not want responsibility for inviting a rude guest.  so how could she maintain an image as a sweet hostess while at the same time allowing one guest to attack another?  it would have to seem as though the medium were not completely in control of herself.  how to make someone not fully responsible for their own behavior?  lots and lots of alcohol!

Camille wanted to make sure it didn't seem too contrived (or rather, wanted to make sure the situation did not seem as contrived as it truly was), so she had to take a few precautions.  she pretended that the medium was there as a guest, not an employee (the phrase "not on the clock" was tossed around far too often to have been unrehearsed and natural).  this way, if the medium ended up using her "gifts," it would not be Camille's fault ... and any bullying information coming from the use of the medium's "gifts" would, likewise, not be Camille's fault.  Camille would pretend that she never intended for the medium to user her "gfits."  she even rehearsed a story to tell about the dinner party after it happened: with a very poor and unconvincing delivery, Camille insisted that Kyle "begged" for the reading.  it was not true, of course, because Kyle's actual words were "what does that mean?" when the sidekick said, "don't tempt me."  the medium was attempting to bait the others (Kyle specifically) into asking for a reading ... and she was waiting for Kyle to chip in before she went ahead with one.  it was not Kyle who originally asked for a reading.  Kyle was set up.  even after the medium attempted to bait Kyle into asking, Kyle asked whether the medium couldn't say something that was not nasty.  but silly Kyle, of course not.  the whole reason the medium was there was to attack you.

Camille also went out of her way to make sure her guests knew ahead of time that the medium had problems controlling herself when she drank (and pretended to hope that the medium wouldn't get out of control when, truly, she was planning for the medium to act out of control -if you have any doubts, watch the clip in which the medium indulges a freakish, nonsensical monologue about being bad in a controlled setting rather than being good because they aren't supposed to be good).  then, Camille served especially large and strong drinks.  if a sweet, caring hostess were truly concerned that a guest had behavioral problems when drinking, why would she go out of her way to overly intoxicate her guests?  the answer is, of course, that the whole situation was a set-up and Camille was actually (poorly) attempting to convince everyone around her that the events that would transpire were simply due to unanticipated factors: Camille could pretend she was just as shocked as everyone else that the medium had said nasty things about Kyle.  then Camille could reason ("in retrospect" of course) that Kyle had begged for the reading, the medium had imbibed too much, and everything had gotten out of hand.  and then, Camille had hoped, she would also get to point out that the medium said the same things about Kyle that she (Camille) had said.  then - BAM! - nailed.  Camille could win this fight once and for all.  the psychic would settle it. the psychic would tell everyone that Camille was good and Kyle was bad.  it was a perfect plan in Camille's head.

but Camille really should not be producing.  her production was a complete flop.  her lead actress messed up her talking points.  the medium was supposed to tell everyone that Camille had trouble with other women because women were jealous of and catty with her ... but Camille's other sidekick had to pick up the pieces and fill in the story there when the medium got mixed up and instead declared that Kyle was the one who was more comfortable around men ... it was kind of pathetic to see Camille making desperate pleas to the inept actress (the medium): no, that's me! i'm the one who is more comfortable around men!  look at me! validate me!  you are messing everything up!  i'm the one women are catty with!  Camille was also up for the worst actress award: she smiled in a smug, self-satisfied, and indulgent manner when the medium went overboard before quickly pretending to disapprove.  she also made nasty, baseless remarks about Kyle's husband after the party and pretended that she was being sweet and fair.  this is called projection, Camille.  the fact that your own husband is a self-important jerk who has no respect for women and preys on insecure women with no self-respect before dumping them for more insecure women with no self-respect does not mean that Kyle's marriage was in trouble.  and no one's marital problems are funny ... unless you are a nasty, catty person who takes pleasure in the suffering of other women because it gives you a false and fleeting sense of security and superiority.  but Camille, weren't you trying to convince everyone that other women are catty with you?  the way to do that is not to bare your cattiness to others.  my psychic powers strongly suggest that you confront the reasons that you have been forced into a position in which you think your only outlet for your negative emotions is to be catty (and to misdirect your legitimate negative emotions toward people who don't deserve them and away from the people who do).  until you do this, i predict that you will always be lonely and miserable and desperately clinging to superficial means of validating yourself.  and finally - when you know that you have gone to considerable trouble to set someone else up, and you proceed to accuse Kyle of turning the dinner into a set up, this is also called projection.  unless, of course, you were aware of what you were doing and you were frustrated that your set up was failing and you, nonetheless, wanted to make Kyle look like the bad guy and thought that accusing her of setting you up would make her look bad and you look good ... because in that situation, it is called being catty.  either way, the truth was that Kyle was surprised and pleased to get your invitation, went out of her way to change her plans because she thought that you two were putting the past misunderstanding behind you, and entered your set up innocently and with good intentions.  and you used her to promote your own image (kind of like how some "important" men use the women they are with to promote their own images).  that is what a bully does, Camille.  my psychic powers indicate that you are a sensitive person and that, when you are not upset, you do not want to be a bully.  at the same time, my psychic powers are also telling me that you forget to feel compassion when you yourself are feeling wounded.  it is time for you to address these issues.  if you want to heal yourself, you are going to need some healing relationships.

okay ... and finally ... were there any doubt that the whole dinner party was a flopped production, just look at how Camille makes the "cut" motion to the Allison DuBois to try to get her to stop.  the danger of directing and starring in your own production is that sometimes that can let the whole production become overly self-indulgent.

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