Sunday, January 30, 2011

how to behave and why

in a moment of faux good natured humor (read: in yet another incidence of cattiness), Camille showed up to Kyle's party and gave Kyle a book called how to behave and why, a book originally published in the 40's to instruct children on good behavior.  it was complete with stick figure illustrations.

the front flap reads:

"No matter where or who you are,
there are four main things you have to do if
you want to make good friends and keep them.

You have to be HONEST
You have to be STRONG
You have to be FAIR
and you have to be WISE.

And there is no good trying to fool yourself.
All that isn't so easy."

i noticed that Camille's rules of etiquette did not include an imperative that you have to appreciate irony.  also missing: an imperative that if you want to make good friends and keep them, you need to add them to your payroll.

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