Monday, January 31, 2011

new thoughts on Kyle vs. Camille

how foolish of me to fall for the false dichotomy - that either Kyle or Camille was completely correct about what was said in vegas.  though i still lean more toward believing that the entire problem was a result of an overly sensitive Camille misinterpreting something Kyle said (that really wasn't laced with any kind of negative meaning), what was actually said might have been grayer than i originally thought.  upon re-watching the entire argument in ny, it appeared that Kim may have been hesitant to speak because she was afraid what she had to say would have angered both parties - what if Kim worried that her version was not exactly what either person wanted to hear?

in her interview about the argument, Kim said, "i think if i had opened my mouth, there's no telling which person would take it the right or wrong way.  i never heard my sister say, 'why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?'"

so the million dollar question is, Kim, what did you hear?  and Andy, why didn't you ask Kim what she heard?  Kim later tells Kyle, "but you did say, 'so he's not going,' and she misinterpreted it."  but the sidekick wants to know exactly what Kim heard of the whole conversation.

other interesting things i either forgot or didn't pay much attention to the first time i watched the ny fight episode:

it is painfully obvious that Taylor was spreading malicious gossip about the other women to Camille.  Camille was very passive aggressively asking other women what they said about her: "so nobody in this room ever said anything about me being insecure?" "how was the plane ride?" etc.

(in fairness to Camille, yes, it must be incredibly upsetting to think that a group of people are all talking about you behind your back ... especially if someone has led you to believe that the group was attacking you in your absence ... but from the footage that was actually aired, it did not seem like they were trying to attack her ... it seemed like they were trying to understand the situation and reach a plan for its resolution ... it's not Camille's fault that she did not know that - all Camille knew was Taylor's (highly motivated and opportunistic?) version of what had happened.  the version in which only Taylor stayed out of the conversation, no doubt.  but even if you feel hurt or threatened, there are still ways of resolving conflict that don't involve passive aggression (which, incidentally, doesn't resolve anything)).

so .... anyway ... we find out Lisa and Taylor were talking about Camille on the plane (Camille asks how the plane ride was?  Lisa answers it was fine and that she sat with Taylor - Lisa is a smart cookie - she knows exactly what is going on here).  but is this plane conversation yet another reason Taylor wanted to have a secret, private conversation with Camille?  what else did Taylor need to cover up?

Kim freely volunteered she had made a comment about insecurity because Taylor had said Camille felt insignificant.  and then you could see Taylor's eyes suddenly turn red as her inner demon surfaced and she started threatening Kim to leave her out of everything.  wait a minute, Taylor, weren't you the one who was telling everyone how you thought Camille felt?  and weren't you the one who went out of your way to explain that it was only your opinion that Camille felt insignificant?  there's no reason to think Kim had said anything about Camille's insecurities until Taylor brought them up.  and it sure didn't look like Kyle had said anything about them either until that same point - because at that point, Kyle appeared to be feeling a bit of relief as though the whole situation made sense in light of Taylor's opinion.  is it possible that on the plane, Lisa had expressed to Taylor that she thought Camille had some insecurities.  sure, it's possible.  but Lisa seems like one who chooses words carefully to suit the company she keeps.  sidekick powers are telling me she wouldn't have let her guard down unscrupulously with Taylor.  it sounded more like maybe Lisa just recounted what happened, without much commentary.  Taylor seemed happy to tell the others she had deduced Camille's insecurity all on her own.  but then she told Camille that Lisa had prompted her (Taylor) to say that Camille was insecure on the plane.

everyone was confused.  and they were confused legitimately.  why?  because no one was prompting Taylor to say Camille was insecure.  but that is what Taylor told Camille.  in everyone else's experience, Taylor had been freely commenting that it was her own personal opinion that Camille felt insignificant.

also, Kim got another little quip in that i missed the first go round.  when Taylor is trying to save face and trying not to be held accountable for the fact that she did say she thought Camille felt insignificant, Taylor asserted that she had no knowledge of the fight between Kyle and Camille.  to which Kim replied, "careful Taylor."  Kim, tell us what you know!  so after Kim warned Taylor to be careful (thus insinuating that Kim knew Taylor was lying about something - presumably, lying about not knowing what happened between Kyle and Camille), all of a sudden Taylor threatened to pull some Oklahoma on Kim's ass.  wow, Kim, you struck a major nerve.  apparently, Taylor doesn't like it when people call her on her lies.  but Kim, for the love of reality television in all its gory, don't give Taylor warnings!  just blurt out what you know!  will someone please pay this woman for a reveal-all?  for now, the sidekick will work with the theory that Taylor had already talked to Camille about the fight in NY and Taylor had told Kim about this (perhaps right before Kim says in the airport, "well, i was there ..."). perhaps Camille told Taylor she felt invisible ... and perhaps Camille thought Kyle told her not to be insecure because Taylor broke a confidence.  so Taylor had to cover her butt ... and did so by claiming that others kept prodding her for information (and probably insisting she didn't say anything).  how does Taylor keep all her lies straight?

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