Thursday, January 27, 2011

is Camille delusional?

Camille doesn't like that America thinks she is delusional because Kyle said she was.
Kyle asserts that Camille is perceived to be delusional because she (Camille) says things that aren't true.

so ... first ... is Camille delusional?

short answer: no.  at some point in their lives, everyone has an issue (or few) that they are very sensitive about.  when they are very sensitive about said issues, they tend to read a little more into related ambiguous events than was really there.  that doesn't make someone delusional.  it just means that they made a normal, understandable error in processing information.  Camille made an error in processing what Kyle said to her.  but Camille wasn't delusional - this is just the way the brain works.  when it only gets little bits of information, it fills the rest of the story in with whatever else it knows.  she just made a mistake.  the trouble is that the mistake caused such intense negative emotion for Camille, and Camille was unable to listen to others' perspectives afterward or to communicate in an open, honest way that could have led to resolution.  Camille felt attacked, and, therefore, assumed that someone must be attacking her ... rather than she felt attacked because she inferred an attacking meaning from an ambiguous comment.  but this doesn't make someone delusional - it just makes them human.

second ... does Camille say things that aren't true?

short answer: yes.  Camille said that Kyle said something that she did not actually say (this may not have been a lie on Camille's part: this may have been an honest mistake).  however, there are other instances when Camille has insinuated very nasty things about others that she knew were untrue or had good reason not to think were true.  she deliberately led people to believe Kyle's husband was unfaithful.  she also deliberately led people to believe Kelsey was a cross-dresser.  she smiled smugly and giggled when making these nasty insinuations.  this doesn't make Camille delusional.  it makes her behavior catty and unconscionable.  Camille fails to grasp the fact that just because she personally feels wounded, she is not entitled to attack others any way she sees fit.  if she feels wounded, she is entitled to respectfully, honestly, and openly discuss her feelings with the person by whom she feels wounded.  or she is entitled to cut off the relationship.  but her dishonest statements hit well below the belt.  to her credit, when Camille was not caught up in her own intense negative emotion, she did realize how unfair she had been ... and she tried to take back the dishonest comments she had made.

psychic powers say: Camille is not delusional, but she has a lot of work to do in order to have an authentic relationship with herself and others.

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