Thursday, February 10, 2011

bad acting in the limo

bravo has released the preview in which the ladies view an inappropriate picture of Camille in the limo.  and can i just say, kyle, you were a terrible actress!  you were going for shocked i assume ... instead, you hit "we-planned-this-nastiness-ahead-of-time-and-i-can-only-hope-the-picture-is-so-shocking-you-won't-know-from-my-bad-acting-that-we-planned-it-in-advance". fail.

the clip shows Faye passing around the phone - well - holding the phone up for all to see, showing Shana the picture and passing the phone to Kyle (ahem, didn't Kyle state during the reunion that she (Kyle) had started this, not Faye?  or did she just say that it was she (Kyle) who showed the pics to everyone else? either way, deceptive) ... and then Kyle ripped Camille apart saying that Camille thinks everything is a set up ... Kyle, your conscience called.  it misses you.

character assassination.  Camille is delusional and paranoid, don't believe anything she says.  Kim has substance abuse problems and is, therefore, crazy.  don't believe her either.  i'm an unfortunate victim.  it worked for a while ... and despite how very, very, very much i want to like Kyle ... there are no excuses.  had it been a spontaneous porn fest, it still would not have been a good or classy thing to do ... but people would relate to the desire to do something like that to someone who just made rude comments about your friend's playboy sessions.  but there is no way this was spontaneous ... so Kyle, were you and Faye, in fact, baiting Camille all through the dinner?


  1. Ugh. I'm over Faye and I have only seen her on RHOBH for about 15 minutes. Hmm, 15 Minutes , interesting...

    Kyle seems to have very bad taste in friends (Taylor, Faye). I am keeping an open mind on Lisa for the time-being.