Thursday, February 3, 2011

RHOBH lie detector

i had so much fun detecting Cedric's lies that i decided to watch a couple more interviews and play lie detector test.

let's start with the drunken antisocial train wreck pretending to be a medium (yes, Allison DuBois).  in an interview, she describes how accurate she thinks the show Medium is to her life.  in particular, she talks about how she and her daughter (on both an episode of the show and, allegedly, in real life) could see a child who had died (but appeared to everyone else to be an imaginary friend).  supposedly, they could both see the child because they were mediums.  but, oh, she is just too freaking easy.  before each of the big whoppers she tells, her eyes shoot up and to the left.  at 33 seconds into the clip, glance up to the left just before saying the imaginary friend was really a child who had died.  at 37 seconds, glance up to the left just before saying, "fortunately, i could see the child."  (also, looks like she was lying at 1:03 when she talks about how it was her idea for the episode for which Patricia Arquette won the Emmy - eyes go up to the left a few times while she constructs the story).
verdict: big fat liar

next, i looked to the reunion to see how many lies i could detect - we'll see how many of the issues get additional treatment in the lost footage ... that way, i can really test out whether my lie detector performs better than chance.  ok ... based on eye gaze, facial gestures, and body movements, the sidekick has identified statements that seemed to have high, moderate, and low likelihoods of being lies.  i've left out comments from Ken and Lisa because they will have their own lie detector post - they were quite difficult to read and need a bit more space than others.

the following statements from the reunion shows seemed to have a moderately high to high probability of being lies:

Camille: Kelsey cut me off 10 years ago.
Camille: that was about the divorce too
Camille claiming that Kyle asked why don't you bring any of the other girls and shoot with them in Hawaii 
Camille: when i get nervous, i grin and i grimace a lot (while pretending to not understand the question of why she provokes trouble and then plays the victim ... it may be true she makes weird faces when nervous ... but she was knowingly evading the question)
Camille: Mauricio has always been friendly (pretending that she meant this statement in a benign way when she was really insinuating Mauricio was unfaithful ... but then when pressed, she said yes, i did mean it in a nasty way)
Cedric: my mother was a prostitute 
Cedric: who is around you?  people who you have known a year or 2 (attempting to cast Lisa in a bad light)
Camille: i don't know if i brought them as back up (re: the presence of D.D. and Allison at the dinner party)
Camille: i wasn't serving her and forcing drinks down her throat (true, not forcing her ... but going out of your way to enable her ... and Camille knew what she had been doing)
Camille: i'm not glossing over anything (re: glossing over her porn past when condemning Faye)
Camille: i think the read she was getting on [Kyle] was me 
Shana: i think that's what it's like in a group of friends. (re: her chameleon-like way of gossiping about interacting with people)

statements that also struck the sidekick as possibly reflecting lies (but less confidence here):

Shana: i've never been in a fight in my life.
Shana: there was no pot stirring
Shana: i think there was some inattentiveness on both of our parts (re: her troubled marriage)
Russell: the last 3 years have been difficult & easy to get preoccupied with things like kids (no idea what motivation they would have to fake marital problems ... thus, not so confident Russell and Shana were not being honest here ... but there were behavioral signs that suggested they may not have been completely honest in that domain ... thus, it is hazy, and remains in the hazy category)
Kim: no, Kyle is not normally a bully (i originally put this in the category below ... but saw the footage again ... and Kim licked her lips like her mouth was dry and did look up to the left ... it just might be the case that Kim is protecting her bully sister ...)
Kyle: i also feel the same (i.e., that she has hope she and Camille can be friends)
Kyle: i regret what happened between Camille and me

not likely to be lies

Kim - pretty much everything out of her mouth - just about
Adrienne's discussions of bickering with Paul and the fact that it does not reflect any underlying negative feelings toward each other and her statement that she did not like conflict
Kyle: i tried to apologize to you, Camille, and i thought we were done with that
Kim: these are all Kyle's friends and i don't like being put on the spot ... i'm afraid they will make up and then no one will want to talk to me; during the conflict, i was speechless
Camille: i felt attacked/bullied
Paul: we like bickering & believing that couples should get frustrations out quickly and not hold them in
Adrienne: of course we signed a prenup
Paul: it's always a good idea to get a prenup
Russell not concerned about Shana's comment about trading her in for 20 year old - he doesn't have the energy for a 20 year old
Kim believing Kyle misplaces her anger, and stating that she understands this
Kyle: we clash, but it goes both ways (re Kim) and admitting she was sometimes too tough on Kim 
Kim: feel like Kyle is too hard on me and am very sensitive; i love her and don't want to fight with her
Kim felt like she was in a good place, wanted to move forward with sister (things are really good today and i want to keep it that way)
Camille: no, the night didn't play out exactly how i wanted
Kyle: i didn't feel ambushed, but i did feel like it was a set up
Camille talking about Faye's fake smile
Kyle: i already told you that wasn't her, that was me (about showing Camille's pics in the limo)
Kyle: i thought that was disgusting (re: Allison's statements about children and knowing when someone would die)

hardest to read = Shana - seems highly practiced in concealing her motivations ... had a very limited number of tells
easiest to read = Kim

who shall we look at next? perhaps i'll rewatch the dinner party from hell and play lie detector with each of the interviews ... then we can see how accurate my simple lie detector test is when we get more footage in 2 weeks.  stay tuned ... more lie detector results will appear in a new post in the following week.

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