Thursday, February 3, 2011

RHONY delay

RHONY season 4 will no longer begin this month ... and will be replaced with real housewives of miami instead (feb 22 premiere).  looks like RHONY is scheduled for the spring.

cast members of RHONY are tweeting that it is a good thing and that very good things come to those who wait. apparently filming only ended last week, so the delay is a result of someone overestimating how ready they would be ... and during every other season, there has always been a lot more time between finishing filming and the premiere.  in the twitter universe, the cast members are (almost defensively?) proclaiming this season to be the best RHONY season yet, even though Bethenny is not in it.  (perhaps the defensiveness is understandable - rumors have widely circulated that there the season was lacking in drama and bravo is attempting to doctor it up a bit to make the most of what they had ... but those are just rumors .. and Simon for one has been ardently denying them).

nonetheless, the delay is self-perpetuating cycle of disaster for bravo.  whether it was true that the season was boring and it led to increased filming and increased defensiveness of the cast (which then led to increased public conviction that the show will, in fact, be boring) ... or whether it is true that the sentiment that the show was expected to be boring was simply an unfounded rumor that led the cast to become increasingly defensive and then led to the public conviction that the show is boring ... in either case, not a good way to start a season.  add in a dash of defensiveness about being in Bethenny's shadow ... and you have a recipe for disaster.  perhaps bravo needs to invest a little more in better PR experts.

some fans are pacified with the debut of RHMIA ... but others are going into a general uproar and threatening to boycott Miami.  time will tell.

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