Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reunion, part 2

all the respect in the world to Kyle and Kim for choosing to keep very personal issues private.  best wishes to them for deep healing and reconciliation.

in general news, Kim revealed that she did not remember Kyle saying what Camille had accused her of saying (and let's be honest, Kim's memory has been impressive in the footage that was shown).  the only trouble: Kyle was shaking her head (in the no-ward direction) while Kim was speaking.  sidekick powers are suggesting Kyle was shaking her head because of a "too little too late" sentiment ... but could be taken to mean Kim was not telling the truth.  sidekick powers suggest if Kim were being untruthful, though, Kyle or Camille might have stepped in.  the behavior was a bit puzzling.

Adrienne made so many sweet, subtle, supportive gestures toward Kim - heartwarming.  love Adrienne.  all the appreciation in the world for Adrienne for the way that she calmly and kindly sticks up for others.  though even Adrienne couldn't hide the awkwardness of the suggestion of setting Kim up with one of her brothers.  is the sidekick the only one who doesn't think Kim's problems will be solved by another man?  she needs love, trust, and companionship ... but also needs to feel like she has a good enough handle on her sense of self before plunging into a romantic relationship. at least she seems to have reconsidered having the other housewives set her up (and i do mean set her up).

Lisa and Ken revealed some juicy information re: Cedric.  Cedric attempted to blackmail Lisa and Ken with threats of selling his stories to the press.  Lisa asserted that Kyle is not a bully.

would have been nice to see more honest admissions from Camille, although she did make some.  don't believe for a second you didn't set Kyle up.  but your apology to Kyle at the end was kind of nice.  will give you an open mind in the future.  Camille appeared to have some genuine, real moments ... interspersed with denial (yes, calling herself Jesus was pure stupidity, but DD planted the thought in her head, so how can she be responsible for repeating it?  yes, Mauricio is a friendly person and she shouldn't have - wait, actually, Allison was responsible for the vile accusations against him - Allison made Camille smile smugly, giggle insincerely, and reflect on how cute she thought she was).  but Camille does need some compassion - regardless of the atrocious things she said and did (many of which do not deserve excuses), she is human and limited and experiences pain.  "love me when i least deserve it because that is when i most need it." Swedish proverb.  will give her a chance to let those faint glimmers of honest come out a bit more.

Taylor slipped right on under the radar yet again.  why does everyone refuse to really hold her accountable for her actions?  and how about all the name changes?  and rumors of criminal charges against her husband?  the only rational reason must be that when she squints her eyes in malice (much like Camille does), she renders her adversaries speechless.  yet at one point, Taylor tried to interject herself into the Kyle and Kim peace talks, stating that they had a long history and a lot of scars (Taylor, when are you going to fess up to the scars you carved?).  in a rare moment of suppressing her desire to Oklahoma Kim's a@#, Taylor allowed Kim to make the thoughtful comment that Taylor needed to wait for Russell and make some effort toward him too.  wait, Taylor, why again are we to believe that Russell is an abusive ogre?  because he is less of a party girl than Taylor? sidekick is not really buying it.  though the sidekick would like to hear more about felony charges.  getting a vibe ... Russell's exhaustion and unwillingness to party it up might have to do with some questionable business practices that have backfired on him and worn him out  ... so Russell is much too tired to trade Taylor in for a 20 year old (but not too tired to look at naked pictures of women sent to Mauricio).

Cedric revealed he's taking acting classes (uh, who cares?) ... but maybe they were coaching him on how to do the interview with Bravo in which he spouted tidbits that were intended to question Lisa's credibility.

during the live bravo talk bubble, @bravoproducer tapped interest in a reality show for Allison DuBois.  the sidekick thinks it is an awful idea for a fraud (see wikipedia article for all the evidence that she is a fraud) to continue to exploit grieving individuals - making a profit off others' suffering is despicable.  unless, of course, the show were to actually test whether or not she has psychic powers - because if that is the case, bring it on.  but bring on a real scientist, not the nitwit "scientist" who "studied [her] for years" who has never heard of the scientific method.  did i mention i have a phd in social psychology and cognitive neuroscience?  hey @bravoproducer, i'll test your "psychic."  otherwise, no support here for the spin off.  don't reward her for her drunken train wreck antisocial cruelty.

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