Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jill Zarin, omniscient

after gaining a great deal of notoriety by persecuting Bethenny in the last season of the real housewives of new york, i'm wondering whether Jill Zarin has reformed ... if for no other reason than to save her public image and sell more stuff.  the sidekick is getting a vision ... yes ... getting clearer now.  can we expect to see a reformed Jill Zarin?  the answer is .... sit tight, there is still more wretched or disingenuous behavior to come.  from the goings in in the twitter universe, she appears to be plugging away (literally - she has many wares to peddle) ... and continues to be quite tight with Kelly (um, joking aside - i really do truly hope Kelly got some help ... the end of last season was just not at all a pretty sight ... professional help was obviously needed ... and though i'm sure it made for great ratings, she is a human being and i would really find it incredibly sick if they signed her up for more tv time when she was clearly not at all in a state to do it).  but anyway, let's get back to jill in all her glory and omniscience.

Jill tweeted:
Any good new housewife blogs for me to read? I missed reunion and finale last week. I like to read your perspectives. I will RT if good!

setting aside the issue, of course, that Jill has appointed herself supreme judge of whose blogged opinions are "good," Jill didn't retweet any of the approx. 9 blogs that were sent to her (yes, i sent her this one ... but no, i guess i didn't really expect her to plug my conspiracy theories and consternation for villains .. (cough, cough Shana) ... but a girl could hope for a diverse blog following ;).  nonetheless, because i was so very irritated that the supreme judge of all that is good and holy failed to plug any of the solicited blogs, i was morally obligated to tweet a snarky comment ala @jillzarin (yeah, it was a snarky thing to do):

@ promised to retweet any "good" blogs sent to her. guess she hasn't liked any - oh well, maybe a reason for that 

that was about 22 hours ago.  about 15 hours ago lisa in new england sent out requests for every bravolebrity she could find to plug her new love-filled, party line blog.  and the funniest thing happened.  Jill nearly immediately retweeted this request.  was she waiting for the love to flow and the villains to be exalted?  had she not read the blog, but it was easier to just retweet the first blog that came along to save a little face?  i'll let you be the judge - i could see it going either way.

 Lisa New England 
 by Jillzarin

in any case, i thought others might be interested in knowing what the one true good opinion of RHOBH is ... so you can, of course, adjust your opinions accordingly.

(dear lisa in new england, i am not at all suggesting you aren't entitled to your opinion and blog and i'm not suggesting you've done anything wrong ... i disagree with some of your opinions, but i respect your right to have them ... this post is only meant to be a dig at Jill the omniscient).

honestly, i get Jill not wanting to plug my blog ... i mean, how could she know what i might possibly write about her if i have been so ruthless with my treatment of the Taylor monster that ate Shana Hughes?  i'm a loose cannon, i get it.  i understand the fear, Jill. it's okay.  but i can't for the life of me understand why Jill would have a problem with this blog that was sent to her.  why didn't you plug it Jill?  why?  this blogger loves  you.

update: wait a minute!  she retweeted the blog that she had already been promoting (lisa in new england)!  she promoted it on feb 2 ... and jan 28 ... and jan 26 ... so, sorry fans, no one who sent her a blog in response to her request knows anything.  she's still waiting for what she will deem "good." til then, if you aren't sure what your opinion should be, just ask Jill.

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