Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RHOBH in the news

the ladies (sans Kim) appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Adrienne discussed the 911 call for Charlie Sheen, who had been experiencing stomach cramps (in the 911 call, sounded like Paul told them Charlie didn't want to have 911 called, but he was really, really intoxicated - good job Paul, way to be a potentially life-saving friend).  Kyle revealed she was unsure of whether Kim would rejoin the cast the following season, and indicated that Kim was not comfortable around the RHOBH crowd.  gee, whatever could have caused that discomfort?  Taylor wishes the best for Kim and states they get along one on one.  (of course they get along one on one - the only reason they don't get along in a group is because Taylor is terrified Kim will speak up and shatter the very delicate facade of deceitfulness that Taylor has worked hard to construct).  in an effort to reduce passive aggressive mean girl behavior during future episodes of the RHOBH, Ellen presented each of the ladies with pink, sequin-encrusted boxing gloves.

Camille told Joy Behar that Kelsey was too busy watching Fox News to engage in marital intimacy.  although dropping the Fox News name might turn some people against Kelsey given Fox's reputation, it's unlikely Fox is to blame for the disintegration of their sex lives.  Camille, have you stopped to consider that Kelsey was getting his satisfaction elsewhere (not forgoing sex for Fox News)?  perhaps we'll find out on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

and finally - apparently, Cedric's getting a full interview on E! news tonight at 7 and 11.30.  looks like he found a way to sell out.

update on Cedric's interview/feature on E! News:
Cedric has already found a chump to "help him get on his feet."  yes, that is right, someone is chump enough to believe he is attempting to get on his feet and has hired him as her manny to look after her children.  who? Brandi Glanville, former wife of Eddie Cibrian.  in his interview, Cedric made several controversial claims:
- Ken and Lisa pretend to be a tight couple, but makes Cedric want to vomit because he knows the truth.
- Cedric only lived with Ken and Lisa 6 months (echo of what was said during the reunion)
- Lisa is beautiful, but insecure (umm ... really?  yes, all people have some insecurities - but Lisa's don't manifest themselves particularly)
really?  that was the exclusive interview?  those were his juicy secrets?  ridiculous.

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