Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lost footage

last night's lost footage was mildly disappointing.  we found out:

Giggy is one sick little puppy with alopecia and extreme itching, whose breeder suggested putting him down while his vet gave him prescriptions instead.

Kim was devastated by the murder of her fiance, John Collett two decades ago. she and Kyle visited an opportunistic sidekick psychic who didn't hesitate for a second to convince Kim that her departed love was present in the room.  she swayed the pair with "psychic" information widely available on the internet, such as the fact that her fiance had left this world without much closure.  Kyle and Kim forgave the sidekick's psychic's blatant use of the internet with its account of the widely publicized murder-for-hire plot and/or her ability to keep up on hollywood gossip.  they also forgave her comment that John had had a crooked tooth (um ... even if he did, didn't they show her a photo?).  rather than question the psychic's assertions that they had all just witnessed Kim's other-worldly make out session, Kyle just wished Kim would find someone within the realm of the living.

while Kyle was keeping Portia company in her crib, her husband was (wasted?) and wearing an even more intoxicated gangly, blonde, morally questionable, s@#%!y female party guest around his neck.  Mauricio made googly eyes while she whispered x-rated sweet nothings in his ear.  fractions of a second before Kyle bounded at the pair like a bat out of hell, their young teenage daughter slipped under Mauricio's arm, attempting to save her parents' marriage and lure him back to fidelity.  Kyle and the drunken @#$%! exchanged heated diatribe before the latter was banished from the party.  surprisingly, Kyle directed all of her rage at the departing guest ... but none at her fully grown husband who, when left alone for a few minutes in their very own backyard, had allowed the situation to transpire.  unless, of course, bravo is holding out on us again and decided not to show the fallout.  (hmm ... makes one wonder whether Camille had any dirt on Mauricio when making the snide comment about him loving women ... or whether she just noticed he is flirty and jumped to her own conclusions ... and in either case, whether she fed that information to allison before the dinner party from hell)

finally, we saw Camille and Kelsey again on the awkward night of the Tony's.  to no one's surprise, Kelsey behaved like a jackass.  did we really need to see any more of this?  we get the point, the guy is a d#$%! and the situation was painfully uncomfortable.  and ... we do already know they are divorcing/divorced.  the sidekick is so over this storyline.  can we please let Camille move on?  is this really something we need to force her to relive?

dear bravo, though a few clips were juicy, couldn't you have filled the hour with more exciting footage than this?  you shot the reunion over a period of 8 hours ... and what about all the back footage? like the stuff that would have truly shed a better light on what was going on between Kyle and Camille (you know, like ... maybe ... the truth?).  let me tell you a secret ... juicier footage makes for better ratings, better ratings make for higher advertising rates, higher advertising rates make for bigger budgets, and bigger budgets mean you can stop issuing gag orders of your bravolebrities.  but maybe you are holding out til next week.  i'll give you another chance.

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  1. I didn't mind seeing Kelsey act a jerk again. I think Camille suffered from bad editing all season, so she deserved this. I loved Dedra (DD) Whitt saying she was stoned on New Year's. Go DD!
    I am firmly on Team Kim, but I did love the scene of Kyle climbing in the crib with the Adorable Portia. And the way Kyle handled the drunk girl on her husband - I even thought that was kinda cute. It just reminded me that I like certain things about Kyle...until I see her with Kim and then I want to sit her down and give her Caroline Manzo's "blood is thicker than water" speech. How dare she treat Kim the way she does and hang out with Shana and Faye? Don't get it.

    I agree that many more interesting scenes were probably left out. :-(

  2. yeah ... i'm so on the fence with several of them, Kyle included. i don't see any of them as all bad (well ... ok, it's harder to see the good in Shana cause i'm not sure what of her humanity is left- but the rest of them). with Camille, i think maybe i was hoping for some extra non-divorce-related footage rather than divorce-related. i would have really liked to have seen what really went down between her and kyle (an argument where they slip up and bring up the gag order? would be priceless).