Tuesday, February 1, 2011

best(?) of Camille

- "i flew my designer, Ken, in, first class, just for the afternoon"

- "she really acted like a crazed homeless woman"

- "in the terms of, like, pecking order, my husband is higher on the list.  my husband is an a-list celebrity.  he's in a successful play.  he's won emmies, golden globes.  he's celebrated.  he's respected in his community.  there's a big difference between that and the local beverly hills realtor."

- when talking to Taylor regarding inviting Allison Dubois to the dinner circus party from hell: "my girl friend Allison does like to drink.  she enjoys a cocktail, and when she has too many, she may hit below the belt."  shoulders shrug inward.  shifty eye movement. fake giggle.

- holding a pink shirt in her closet: "i love this. look at this." pointing to the front of the shirt.  "that's a screw.  and on the back it says you." classy, Camille.

- "you know how i know her? i saw her naked on playboy.  that's how i know Faye ... and i have to say, i loved your spread."  smug, self-satisfied smile. glance to a sidekick. coy caress of her own hair.

- "be honest - do you really want to go there?  cause she might pull stuff some people might not want to hear ... so if somebody's husband is cheating on them or [sumpin], she'll know."

- "did i think it was a setup? yeah, absolutely.  i think Faye was there to be Kyle's wingman." downward gaze away from the camera and shifty movements, turning from side to side.

- after Kim said to Camille, "i came to you and asked, 'where did this all come from?', and you said Taylor ..." suddenly it was Taylor explosion, general descent into bloody horror, and Camille erupting into smug, self-satisfied smiles and sideways glances.

- "he loves more than his nannies." fake giggle.  smug, self-satisfied smile.  shoulders shrugging inward.  shifty movements.

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