Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cedric's tells

because Lisa is too classy to fight this battle (or because Lisa may or may not have something to hide by not fighting it), i'm going to tell a few of my secrets.

shhh ... i'm not really psychic ... i'm just aware of the tactics that "psychics" use - kind of like the ones Allison DuBois uses to trick people, except that she really sucks at them.  oh, and except that i'm forever in student loan debt because i choose not to exploit grieving parties with tall tales of communicating with their deceased loved ones.  but let's try to keep my secrets hush, hush, shall we?  would hate for everyone to know the real housewives sidekick is just a sidekick and not a psychic.

okay, so let's take a look at Cedric's interview.  some of what he says may be true.  some of it is rehearsed, and potentially a lie.  and some of it is most likely a spontaneous lie.

the spiel in which Cedric declares he lived with Ken and Lisa for 6 months and was asked to move back in with them because Lisa lied to Bravo and said he still lived with them was rehearsed.  Cedric was more highly aroused at this point than during other instances of being on camera.  his mouth was dry (hence the frequent licking of his lips - e.g., right before he said that Lisa lied and said he lived with them).  he nervously touches his ear/pushes his hair back (e.g., right before he said that 2 years ago he lived with them for 6 months).  his body is in constant swaying motion.  he is blinking his eyes excessively and having trouble maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.  and, quite notably, at breaks in the rehearsed lines, his eyes gaze (up and) to the left - suggesting he is creating a story.  the above clip even begins with a major upward left glance while Cedric brushed his hair aside.  also, they look again to the left when Cedric reasserts he moved out after 6 months (at about 15 seconds into the clip).

parts that had a good chance of being spontaneous lies: the leftward eye gaze occurred when Cedric said he didn't originally want to do the show and when he said he didn't need a place to stay.

Cedric described the prospect of being on the show as a good opportunity - and he did this without any obvious indications of lying ... until he said it was a great opportunity and he wasn't going to say no, when the eyes went to the left (at about 1:08 and 1:12 in the clip) ... so my sidekick abilities are telling me Cedric was on board to do the show and the lie was that he had to be convinced to do it.

his eyes made the same upward leftward motion when he described his relationship with Ken as like one he would imagine would be like with a father (about 1:37 in the clip).  this may or may not have been a lie, however.  Cedric was claiming to be imagining something, and his facial gestures were not inconsistent with the process of imagining. interestingly, when he describes learning about business and how to behave, he did not have nearly as many indications of lying as during other parts of the clip.

interestingly, the sidekick is picking up mixed signals from his discussions of Lisa.  he seemed insincere when asserting that he and Lisa talked about their feelings (lots of body movement and aversion of the interviewer's gaze - at about 1:30 in the clip).  the sidekick is wondering if he is lying about how much of Lisa's feelings she was unburdening on him and/or how much of his emotions communicated with her were insincere (sidekick abilities say his emotions, in particular, were insincere).  at the very end of the clip, he says he and Lisa were more like girlfriends, just messing around - and it appeared there could have been some truth in this, but the clip cut off a bit prematurely to really speculate.

whew ... and now because i've gotten way too caught up in this show (but people are just so interesting ... their behavior, cognition, emotion, interactions ...), it's time to put the breaks on the posting.  though it's much more fun to analyze reality tv, doing real science is what will end up paying the student loan bills in the long run (hopefully).  oh real life ... this is why we escape - we want to believe the american dream is still possible, no matter how much disconfirming evidence we find in the real real world.  in any case, farewell lying Cedric.  and it's time to slow down the blogger addiction for me.

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  1. p.s. his story about his background is BS (i rewatched other episodes to watch his tells then too). but the probability that Cedric is lying a bit doesn't really negate the possibility that Lisa might have something to hide too ... but Lisa's botox and the relatively few opportunities to assess her stories are really getting in the way of my reading her. her description of cedric after cedric's interview was shown on the reunion seemed rehearsed. and i did see a couple instances in which i questioned whether she was telling the truth (topic for a future post) ... but for the most part, she's a hard read.