Saturday, February 5, 2011

more Shana bullying

rather than make a whole new post just to add a couple extra insights, i'll tag them on the backs of existing posts.

first, i've already argued the case that Shana is the biggest bully (though in the post i may have been overly generous to Kyle ... but a new post on Kyle on the whole is forthcoming).  i just wanted to add another instance of Shana's bullying.  during the reunion, in an attempt to show solidarity with Camille and group loyalty or something, Shana threatens anyone who has ever said anything nasty about Camille.  she says that if anyone said that about Camille in front of any of the RHOBH, they would have a problem on their hands and makes quite the menacing look.  while it is nice to make a supportive gesture to Camille, and while it might have been fair to point out that calling someone nasty names is not nice (yet accepting the fact that people discuss what they watch on television and if someone has behaved poorly, people are going to talk about the fact that the behavior was any number of nasty things that it was), Shana didn't win any friends in this instance of attempted bullying.

interesting that Shana is the one who says about Kim: "she doesn't like conflict with whom?" because the same logic applies to Shana.  Shana argues that she doesn't like violence against her (or anyone she might classify into her in-group) ... but she certainly doesn't mind making threatening comments against Kim or cowards behind computers.

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