Tuesday, February 15, 2011

real popularity of RHOBH

Okay, first, thanks to all for participating in the RHOBH popularity poll!

originally, i was hoping it might show that even if Kim wasn't most people's favorite, it didn't necessarily mean she was less popular than Kyle (as the polls on WWHL and reality tea seemed to suggest).  but what i think happened is that i put my poll up later and the public opinion tides had shifted.  so i didn't at all get the same results as the earlier polls (of course, it is possible that because i had so many fewer responses, my results aren't representative of the population in general - it is possible that people who favor Kim were more likely to come to my site than people who don't ... but i do kind of think maybe the change in RHOBH favorites might be real - these results seem consistent w/what i've been reading lately anyway).

so what are the results?

earlier, people were looking at the poll that asked people to vote for their favorite - and then inferring that the people who had the most votes were more popular than people with fewer votes (and of course, in a sense it is true - it just depends on how you define popularity.  but not having a lot of votes in that poll wouldn't necessarily mean that one is not popular, though - see previous post).  so i tried to replicate the poll here and show that someone might still be liked fairly well, even if not many people call them a favorite.  to some extent (especially with Camille), that seemed to happen.  in other cases, though, the people with the most favorite votes were also the people who were liked better than others, and vice versa.  after looking at the results, the order of popularity from the poll on this site was:

Kim, Adrienne, Lisa, Camille, Kyle, Shana

Kim has the most number of people thinking she is their favorite.  not only that, but when looking at how everyone (even people who don't consider her their favorite) ranked Kim relative to each of the other ladies, Kim was liked more than any other lady (yes, in some case(s), the term "lady" is used loosely).  Kim is liked by almost everyone, disliked by almost none.

Adrienne was slightly less popular than Kim (she had the second highest number of people calling her their favorite and she was liked better than each of the other ladies, aside from Kim).  almost everyone liked Adrienne and almost no one disliked her.

Lisa was third in the number of people who chose her as their favorite, and Lisa was liked better than Camille, Kyle, and Shana.  about half of the voters like Lisa, and less than a quarter of voters disliked her ... suggesting Lisa is generally (but not nearly universally) liked.  it also suggests she is a little bit polarizing - there were a sizable number of people choosing her as their favorite ... but also a sizable number of people who didn't like her.

Camille had fewer people calling her their favorite than did Lisa.  however, nearly half of voters liked Camille and little more than a quarter disliked her (similar results to Lisa).  people generally liked Camille better than they liked Kyle and Shana and  the number of people who liked Camille better than Lisa was close to 50% ... so Camille and Lisa could be close to tied in popularity ... although Camille didn't have as many people who think of her as their favorite.  given the relatively small sample who voted (thank you again to those who did!), i'd have to argue Camille and Lisa are really neck and neck in popularity.

Kyle was the most polarizing housewife.  she didn't have many people calling her their favorite (5%), but almost a quarter of people did like her ... and slightly more than 3/4 disliked her.  this means that people had strong feelings one way or other - they liked her or disliked her (and at this point in the season, those strong feelings were more often dislike than like).  voters disliked Kyle more than anyone except Shana.

finally, Shana was nearly universally disliked and was least popular.  that's all the space i'm giving her.

thanks again all!

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