Thursday, February 3, 2011

Camille on season 2

sidekick powers tell me ... Camille has no intention of going anywhere and is planning to be back for season 2 ...

on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy referenced the fact that after her divorce, Camille would no longer be a housewife.  Camille's response?

"technically, no, but i can still be on the show."  it was a slight little jump there - he didn't explicitly ask about the show.  also, her choice of grammar was: "i can" not "i could" ... slight distinctions that suggest she is probably planning to be back.  Jimmy must have caught on to this because he then asks her if she wants to come back, given that she has vocalized not liking how she was depicted, yet there she is promoting the show.  then Camille (suddenly conscious that she may have given away her intent to return??) said she is under contract.  this, of course, leaves the sidekick wondering how the contract works - the stars are expected to do specific interviews like The View, Joy Behar, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.?  was Kim's contract different, or did she get out of her obligation to appear on Ellen?

Jimmy pokes fun at Camille: do you think you have been villainized or that you have villainized others?  Camille laughs and says the public might think both.  he asks her about her tiff with Kyle, and Camille strongly alludes to the fact that under her contract with Bravo, she is not allowed to reveal certain information: she suggested that something happened in vegas that no one knows about and she isn't allowed to tell anyone (the day after everyone was drunk - not while anyone was drunk).  following a little additional prodding, Camille uttered something about a discussion of whether she was going to do a shoot for Maxim while in Hawaii, or if it would be someone else.  intriguing.  combine this with a recent reaction from Kyle to the previews for the lost footage (in which Kyle voiced the desire to leave the country) and we have an interesting situation developing.  will we get additional clarity on their enmity?

Camille continues to provide no discernible coherent explanation for why it is appropriate to kiss handsome, married (slightly effeminate) Nick.  she reaffirms that she is unsure of whether she'll return (uh, strong vibes she is coming back from the sidekick).  when asked whether she would like Bravo to listen to her about what she would and would not like shown in the episodes, Camille mentioned maybe she should put something in her contract about that (ahh, very interesting indeed), to which Jimmy explains no one would care about the show if she came across in an artificially positive light.

in any case, speaking with her big girl voice and having a bit of a sense of humor about herself (as opposed to the fake, breathy, childlike voice, using the dopey eyes, and making snide attacks of others) makes Camille come across more favorably.

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