Monday, February 7, 2011

juicy info re Kyle vs. Camille

okay, i need to share some very juicy (but unverified) gossip.  apparently, another blogger found out from a housewife's hairdresser that the reason that everyone has been giving evasive answers about what really happened in vegas is because of a bravo gag order.  yep, the ladies were not allowed to talk about what happened during the discussion because there was a piece of information bravo didn't want everyone to know.  apparently, what really happened was: Kyle and Camille were talking about spring break.  Kyle wanted to know why bravo was sending the only available camera crew with Camille (when Kelsey wasn't even going) instead of sending the camera crew to Mexico (given that Kyle's whole family was going to Mexico).  sooo ... maybe there was a misunderstanding: maybe Kyle didn't understand why viewers would be interested in Camille's spring break if she was just going with the kids and no one else (and maybe she didn't mean why would Camille be interesting without "big shot" Kelsey, but Camille was just sensitive about it) ... or maybe Kyle really did mean why would anyone be interested in Camille without Kelsey.

in any case, it explains a lot: it explains why Kim was so evasive when answering questions - why she couldn't seem to give a straight answer.  it explains why during the reunion, Camille seemed to accuse Kyle of asking why she (Camille) hadn't asked any of the other ladies to go on the Hawaii trip with her (to which Kyle retorted that this was the first time Camille had told this particular story).  it also explains why Camille was making strange insinuations during interviews about not being allowed to talk about certain things.  finally, it would explain why Camille would have been unsatisfied with the apology that Kyle made to her in new york.

why didn't bravo want us to know?  rumor is ... apparently ... that their budget was small ... and they didn't want us to know that?  but apparently the budget was the cause for the limitations in camera crews and filming capabilities ...

maybe the lost footage will tell us more?  in any case, to read more, my source for this juicy gossip was the sketch42 blog.

(and if anyone from bravo reads this, would you please just tell us the truth one way or the other?)

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  1. Wow that makes a lot of sense. But no matter who went to Mexico I think bravo would've preferred to film Camille's beautiful home in Hawaii.

  2. Explains a lot, especially why poor Kim looks confused and stumbles over herself every time someone has a go at her over why she 'didn't defend' Kyle. Kyle...True Colors!!! :-/ Disappointed, but to be honest, I could never understand why Camille would throw herself into that mix (arguments) if she wasn't sure of what was said. She seems like a very bright woman who has better things to do with her life. Tsk,Tsk Bravo...soft scripting or soft budget?? Hmm

  3. Really!!Really!! That's BS!! Bravo is just tryng to cover up for Kyle(she must be blowing someone). She is arrogant and self serving! I for one, am not buying it, not for one bit...If they were told to keep their mouths shut, why did they not let it go?

  4. this would make sense. it would explain a lot of things as to why each of them acted like they did. i can see why kyle would be pissed that the bravo cameras didnt come with her to mexico since she keeps saying that she's the one who got everybody signed on, making her think she should be the prime go-to girl (kind of like how jill zarin thinks). i can see why camille would think kyle said something akin to what she claims kyle said. i can also see why kim wants to stay as far away as possible of this topic. as to why taylor keeps using kim's near-silence on this topic as some sort of weapon to hurt her, well, if taylor knew about the gag order too, then that makes taylor even more dispicable since that would mean she knew kim wasnt allowed to say anything in the first place. kind of like beating a mute person for not talking. how nice.

  5. I agree with the others. This explanation comes the closest to explaining everyone's subsequent behavior and actions. Thanks for finding and publishing.

  6. yeah, i agree with all of you too. and it is really despicable of not only shana but also kyle to keep hammering kim about not having her back (even at taylor's party, when adrienne said that kim was the first to have kyle's back, kyle retorted that adrienne wasn't in new york). but yeah, shana hammered it the most. @anne - beating a mute person for not talking - how painfully accurate a metaphor.

    @anya, no problem :)