Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shana conspiracy

hmm ... fishy, fishy, fishy.  Shana finally apologized to Kim in her blog:

"Kim and I got off on the wrong foot from the beginning. I wish I could turn back time, reach out to her, and take the time to understand her better. I am sorry for arguing with her and for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I said things I didn’t mean. "

interesting.  maybe she's been tapping into the reactions of the cowards ... given that her attempts to emotionally manipulate them did not work (i.e., trying to bully people out of a behavior (blogging about her in an unfavorable way) by calling anyone who blogs about her in an unfavorable way a coward ... your bullying has no power in the blogosphere, Shana).

nonetheless, the sidekick is still not satisfied.  Shana has never fully acknowledged what she actually did.  the sidekick was hoping that on watch what happens live, Lisa would have revealed a bit more (because, let's be honest, Lisa must know).  so it makes me wonder ... perhaps there was a conversation on the plane that Lisa doesn't want to get out either.  during the NY fight episode, Camille asked about how the plane ride was, Lisa said it was fine and she had sat with Shana ... seemed painfully obvious that Shana stirred up the trouble by repeating her and Lisa's conversation - could it be that Lisa had probed for information about Camille from Shana?  could it also be that Shana had already chatted with Camille and Lisa, therefore, had elicited some information?  if so, poor Kim just got caught in the crossfire.  Shana was the one talking about Camille's feelings of insignificance in the airport .. Kim asked a clarifying question ... and suddenly Kim became the sacrificial lamb.  Kim tried to stand up for Kyle by speaking up to say it was Shana who had suggested Camille was insecure ... but Kyle just wasn't listening to her.  and Kim suffered for telling the truth and for trying to have her sister's back.  Kim was betrayed for the sake of people who had caused the trouble in the first place.

this is, of course, just a Shana conspiracy theory ... but why else would Lisa be satisfied with Shana's failure to admit her transgressions?  it's a working theory ... any one else want to weigh in? are Lisa and Shana both protecting themselves by letting Kim take the heat (rather than admitting that the insecurity discussion started on the plane)?  or is Lisa just being classy and deciding not to continue hammering away at Shana? (or, of course, do you have an alternative explanation?)

and of course ... the craziest part of it ... is who cares if Camille is insecure?  obviously Camille does ... and doesn't want to think everyone is badmouthing her behind her back ... but it's really not a horrible sin to feel insecure (until it makes you lash out and abuse others) ... in fact, Camille would have probably gotten more mileage out of just saying she felt insecure and doing it in some kind of endearing way than she did by attacking everyone else (even if she really thought they were bullying her).

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  1. Great theory, rh sidekick... it does bring everything together, including Lisa holding Kim at arm's length even though she's got Taylor's number.

  2. thanks! yes ... i'm thinking it might just be true ... unfortunately ...

  3. I think you nailed it!